Selling titles or programme segments

You have decided to restructure your portfolio and would like to dispose of individual assets as a result. Even if you already know who the likely buyers are, the preparation and implementation of an asset sale can nonetheless be extremely time-consuming – especially if you would like to maximise the sale proceeds by negotiating with several prospective buyers.

We will relieve the management of the numerous subsidiary tasks involved in the sale of asset. At the outset, we will determine a realistic sale price range, and we will draw up a short profile with all relevant information about the asset and the list of potential buyers (in our experience, you will also find names there whom you would not have thought of yourself). In the course of the project, we will coordinate the internal and external parties involved until the purchase agreement is signed and will support you in negotiating the purchase agreement right up when you sign the agreement.


Our procedure is systematic and as independent as you specify. We will prepare all the key decisions for management. Thus you will always be informed, but only involved directly where it is absolutely necessary.